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I/O, I/O - It’s Off to the Escape Room We Go!

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Introducing our new BAC V with expanded memory, upgraded outputs and more flexibility with the inputs.

The “Bad ASS” Controller is even more “Bad Ass” with the new BAC V!

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Introducing the new BAC V

FX20 Blows Away the Competition with New Features and Multiple Game Integrations

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The FX20 is the ultimate in escape room urgency, bringing the visual appeal to any bomb prop countdown. And this new and improved version is now easily configured directly from our Bad ASS Manager (BAM) software that comes with any Bad ASS Controller (BAC). 

Bad ASS Event System Demo

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Did you know that we developed an easy to use and extremely powerful software package we affectionately call our Bad ASS Manager (BAM)? BAM is the easiest way to configure your Bad ASS Controller!

What is the difference between the Bad ASS Controller and an Arduino?

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Interesting question. On one hand, there are some similarities, on the other, it's like comparing apples and automobiles. First, let's do some definitions...

Our Indestructible Knobs are F***ing Great!

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Escape rooms are harsh environments for props. We are consistently working hard to help address these problems. As you may know, we entered this industry as an engineering company and so we tend to solve problems from that perspective. We are not limited by thinking about what we can buy off the shelf, repurpose, or adapt. When necessary, we create something new and design it to meet the requirements and specifications we think a product needs. And the Indestructible Knob was born through this process.

Transworld 2018!

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Escape Room Techs at Transworld 2018! Check out the product demos and our tech seminar.

Dear Escape Game Owners,

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Dear Escape Game Owners, Congratulations! You have joined the latest entertainment craze by running an Escape Room! So many things to do. Find a location, deal with inspectors, marketing, and oh yeah, build your escape rooms! Starting a new business is a tough enough venture by itself and everyone comes at it from different angles.

Escape Game Prop Control System

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As the Escape Room industry has evolved, technology has been a key driver in creating higher quality and automated experiences. While Gen 1 games with all locks and keys have a retro feel, they limit the immersive experiences ER operators want to create to serve their market demand. There are a few major ways technology has contributed to the ER experience and prop construction has been a key factor.

Escape Room Prop Portfolio

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See what we've built! Escape Room Prop Portfolio