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Preparing Your Escape Room for Business Post-COVID-19

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Even though customers may not be coming to visit your escape room now, there is still work to be done to prepare for when you do re-open. 

Why Would You Want Room Control Overrides?

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The fact of the matter is that players can break things, props wear out, puzzles are not reset properly by game masters, and electronics fail (usually due to misuse). Stuff happens even in the best of situations. Rides even fail at Disney and they send out staff to share humorous stories to pass the time - you don’t get that opportunity. We must do our best to prevent game failures.

Do Tech Right the First Time

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There is a wide variety in escape room design, quality, and execution across the country and around the world. While much of the variation is due to market influences, there is also a lot of variabilities just in execution. Escape Room Techs is all about the tech in escape rooms, and we focus on creating safe, reliable, and high-quality escape room experiences through the application of technology and engineering.

Escape Game Prop Control System

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As the Escape Room industry has evolved, technology has been a key driver in creating higher quality and automated experiences. While Gen 1 games with all locks and keys have a retro feel, they limit the immersive experiences ER operators want to create to serve their market demand. There are a few major ways technology has contributed to the ER experience and prop construction has been a key factor.

Escape Room Wiring (2 of 2) DC

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Helpful guide to wiring your escape room. 2 part blog. This entry covers DC low voltage power.

Escape Room Wiring (1 of 2) AC

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Helpful guide to wiring your escape room. 2 part blog. This entry covers AC mains power.