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FX20 Blows Away the Competition with New Features and Multiple Game Integrations

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The FX20 is the ultimate in escape room urgency, bringing the visual appeal to any bomb prop countdown. And this new and improved version is now easily configured directly from our Bad ASS Manager (BAM) software that comes with any Bad ASS Controller (BAC). 

The Importance of Construction in Escape Room Buildings

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Patrons to your escape room will come with a certain level of expectation for each room. As an architect, however, it is up to you what you want to focus on. You can build a game room that has little ambiance or adherence to a theme.

Preparing Your Escape Room for Business Post-COVID-19

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Even though customers may not be coming to visit your escape room now, there is still work to be done to prepare for when you do re-open. 

BAC Kicks Ass with Latest 1.8 Upgrade

Tags: engineering, Escape Rooms, BadASS Controller

The Bad ASS Controller you know and love introduces a new firmware upgrade that will revolutionize your escape room business. Bad ASS Controller 1.8 takes your prop management experience to epic levels with an enhanced user interface that includes intensified game experiences and all-inclusive expandability on both the audio and non-audio enabled BAC.

Should You Start Your Own Escape Room Business?

Tags: engineering, BadASS Controller, Props

The challenges associated with creating a successful escape room business are often the unique draw that many entrepreneurs have for entering in the business. Often, the most important aspect of having a successful escape room business is knowing what kind of business that you plan to have.

Escape Rooms For The Family

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Most escape rooms are built for adults -- the complex puzzles, questions, and subject matter usually aren’t suitable for a group of children. But the concept of an escape room can be a great form of entertainment and education for children. Escape rooms are interactive, challenging, and entertaining for adults, and with certain modifications they can be so for kids.

How Do Escape Rooms Work

Tags: engineering, BadASS Controller, Props

Escape rooms today are interactive puzzles that rely on sophisticated logic and misdirection, like a magic trick. The various challenges within a room move players from one mystery to the next with various subtasks.

Guest Post: Test Subjects Tech Tips Episode 6 - Escape Room Controllers

Tags: engineering, BadASS Controller, Props

What's the best way to control YOUR Escape Room? Test Subjects is here to help you decide!

Escape Room Tech’s Top Ten “Things I Heard at an Escape Room”

Tags: engineering, BadASS Controller, Props

Let's have a laugh together and forget about quarantine for a bit!

4 Tips To Build A Better Escape Room With Electronics

Tags: engineering, BadASS Controller, Props

If we could design an escape room, what would it look like? What would people like to see in our escape room? Do our ideas about a whole escape games make sense? What is a story that we can use to build our escape room

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