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Pivoting with the Times - Escape Room Techs Goes Remote

BAC Slanted Top View

Just when you thought 2020 couldn't surprise you further, escape rooms are now becoming virtual game centers — where an oasis of entertainment is interacted with remotely with the ease of playing a video game. This shift in business dynamics is opening the doors to creative opportunities and evolving business models.  And Escape Room Techs is leading the way to technologically pivot with the escape room industry. 

To keep our product offerings nimble, Escape Room Techs has harnessed the IP (Internet Protocol) functionality of the Bad ASS Controller (BAC) in a virtual platform. This lesser-known capability has lived within the BAC since its inception, but today we are harnessing this innate power to fill a vital need for escape rooms to reinvent themselves in these uncertain times and put the BAC on the Internet!

Doors opening to reveal beautiful sky in dark grey room

The BAC is uniquely positioned with built-in network activity to facilitate live interaction within a room without involving a live game master. Thereby allowing customers to experience rooms from the comfort and safety of an off-site location. And, employees are protected from continuous contact with customers.

Experience the Magic for Yourself

We know that seeing is believing. That is why Escape Room Techs has created a demo of the Remote Bad ASS Controller. From this Wordpress website, you will be able to experience controlling a BAC to play a simple Simon Says game from your location. Check it out now!

Drum Roll Please!

One of the great things about the remote BAC availability is the fact that you already have this ability if you own one of our Bad ASS Controllers. That is right! Every BAC we produce already includes the option to remotely control and run your escape rooms. 

If you don't yet own one of our truly epic controllers, you will find some of our latest models here!

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