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The “Bad ASS” Controller is even more “Bad Ass” with the new BAC V!


Escape Room Techs’ “Bad Ass” Controller has been making it easy for you to take control of your escape room and with the upgraded BAC V, we have made that even easier while still keeping all of the features you loved about the original.

Designed with the with the non-technical user in mind for ease of use but with all of the robust features the advanced user has come to expect. Right out of the box, the BAC V is capable of many games/puzzles for your escape room, using our “Bad ASS” Manager (BAM) software, without the need of programming or coding. Best of all the games/puzzles are fully customizable.

So What’s New?

Reliability in your escape room equipment is a must and the new BAC V with the latest 1.91 Bad Ass Controller firmware release makes this the most reliable and stable BAC yet, doubling down on that with 8 inputs, 4 of which are optically isolated inputs for additional protection, isolation and flexibility, 6 individually switchable outputs, and 2 relays which can switch 5 amps. The 6 outputs can be configured to switch either to high side or low side (positive or negative), or in a “bridge” configuration to assist in maglock protection and release. The new BAC V also gains you back the use of outputs 4 and 5 when paired with an FX45 which was lost on previous versions when using Neopixels.

  • Faster, protected, and additional memory was added to the BAC V and with more memory comes more future growth possibilities, faster processing for your games and less slowdowns.
  • The 4 upgraded 'opto' inputs make them more flexible with 3 ways to use them… applying power to the input, applying ground to the input, or having isolated power and ground on individual inputs.
  • All digital outputs are now protected by an auto reset mechanism for when an output gets temporarily shorted, the output will attempt to turn itself back on. “Bridge” functionality was also added to each pin for the flexibility to control an output to apply voltage or apply a ground connection. It also helps maglocks perform better.

Upgrade to the new BAC V today and take control of your escape room experience!

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