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Introducing the New FX201 RFID Reader, More Features, Smaller Size


Escape Room Techs, a leader in Escape Room Technologies, is proud to introduce the FX201 RFID reader, an updated replacement for our original FX200 RFID reader,  which runs long range and/high-count RFID reading puzzle designs.

The FX200, and now the FX201, are RFID readers capable of reading 125kHz RFID tags from over 3 inches away. Networkable via a robust and noise immune, long-distance protocol, the RFID network is capable of addressing up to 16 standard readers, and up to 32 with a simple jumper cut on the board, for extended distances over standard 4-wire cabling (or CAT-5).

At Escape Room Techs, end user simplicity has always been a core mission of our product line. From the Bad ASS Controller’s (BAC) modular design, to the BAM’s “No Programming” web-based end user configuration tool, Escape Room Techs is continually improving its products with end user simplicity in mind. And, our new FX201 RFID reader is yet another example of our continual commitment to improve our products for the Escape Room industry.

The new FX201 RFID reader:

FX201-with-case2-render• Decreases the overall footprint size
• Increases wiring header size for easier wiring
• Header is laid flat for a lower profile
• New 2 amp output driver
• New case, providing enhanced ease of
  installation, wiring structure, and concealment
  over its predecessor

Maglock or light outputs can also now be wired (piggybacked) from the FX201 reader instead of being run (homerun) from the BAC. The larger wire header size makes wiring multiple RFIDs in a network configuration much easier to handle and the optional case and smaller size make mounting the reader much faster and easier.
With our next gen FX201 RFID reader, Escape Room Techs made RFID a lot easier...easier to wire, easier to install, easier to troubleshoot.

Dimensions (Standard):

FX201 Dimensions

Dimensions (Metric):

FX201 Dimensions metric


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