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FX20 Blows Away the Competition with New Features and Multiple Game Integrations


The FX20 brings the ultimate in escape room urgency to all of your high-intensity games, including the classic bomb game, while bringing visual appeal to any countdown sequence. And this new and improved version is now easily programmed directly from our Bad ASS Manager (BAM) software which is included with every Bad ASS Controller (BAC)

Completely Customizable

Previously requiring custom programming to configure, the FX20 is now elegantly integrated into the (BAM) software. This makes it easily customizable for any prop requiring a countdown timer. Just think about the hours of escape room excitement you will gain with this simple plug and play solution. 

Additional features include:
- Works with "All" our Bad ASS Controllers
- Bad ASS Manager software configured and controlled, can be added to any game - no programming
- Works with our "Game Room Operator's Room Activation Kit" as an Escape Room time-elapsed clock
- Available in multiple colors and sizes including 1"
- 2 to 4 characters (0-9999) display option

Blasting Off

Bomb Game 1.9.Beta 1 (1)A prime example of the FX20's capability is the bomb game,  a seamless marriage of the FX20 and Bad ASS Controller. Utilizing the "simple match game" built into the BAC, The bomb game combines the FX20's digital display with the audio capabilities of the BAC with audio option.

The game is built around the idea that there are two wire choices that can be cut. Cutting the correct wire under the designated time limit will solve the game. Cutting the incorrect wire, or taking too long to choose the wire, will result in a virtual audio explosion. The FX20's countdown timer lets the players know how much time as elapsed while adding the visual excitement of watching the moments ticking away.

Buy the Kit!

If you want to get in on the explosive possibilities, you can purchase the Bomb Prop Kit. This kit includes everything you need to blow your competition out of the water in an all-inclusive package. From BAC to wires, you will receive each piece of the puzzle enabling you to have this prop up and running in a matter of moments. So don't delay! The clock is ticking!



Buy the FX20 Before Time Is Up!