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Bad ASS Manager 2.0 Updates

If you are familiar with our Bad ASS Controller, then you’ve no doubt used the Bad ASS Manager to configure it.  During its life, it’s really not changed very much, as it’s mostly just been the user interface for the BAC.  As the BAC was updated, BAM helped users configure the BAC with an easy to use web interface.

Now that has changed.  We’ve updated the look, feel, and technical backbone of BAM with the release of the BadAss Manager 2.0.0.  Here are the highlights:

  • New logging system.  Gain insight as to what is happening in your Bad ASS Controllers with a graphical logging system.
  • Storing all of your controllers.   When users have a lot of BAC’s it wasn’t clear when something was missing.  Now unavailable controllers are shown, grayed out, or can be hidden.
  • Cleaner listing.  The important information is presented clearly and allows for details to be uncovered as needed.
  • Connection Status monitoring.  If the browser loses connection with BAM, you’ll know about it so you know you aren’t looking at a dead screen.
  • Faster interface.

Logging System

The new logging system in BAM captures messages from all the BACs on your network and lists them all for you.  Next time you have one of those ‘what just happened there’ moments, go to the logs and see what happened there.  Note:  You need to have BAM running and logging enabled before you have an issue, so turn it on now. :)

The logs are persistent through power cycles and BAM restarts.  In the 1.9.x BAC version, the logging is limited to enabled or disabled, and all filtering is handled in the interface.  In the next major release, 1.10.x and above, there are various subsystems and logging levels to help you keep an eye on the big picture, while getting more detailed logging when you are trying to debug a particular issue.

BAM 2.0 Alpha Log ScreenBad ASS Manager 2.0 Updates

BAC 1.9.x System ScreenBad ASS Manager 2-1.0 Updates


BAC 1.10.x System Screen (not released yet)

Bad ASS Manager 2-2.0 Updates

Controller Listing and Upgrade User Interface

Anyone familiar with BAM will quickly see the changes.

Bad ASS Manager 2-3.0 Updates

For the tech types out there, we moved to the Vue.js framework, which offers very fast page updates given that it doesn’t do a typical ‘page load’.  Anyway, it’s slick and paves the way for a far more rich user interface for advanced configuration.  Keep your eyes open for new features like tool tips, to dynamic event editors and possibly a LED animation editor.  


If you made it this far, another new feature the new logging system will provide, when combined with the soon to be released bootloader 1.6, is a reset cause and crash logger.  Sometimes people configure things in ways we don’t expect or bad things happen.  When they do, we now have additional capability to help track it down.

We are still at it making the escape room world more Bad ASS.  Come join the adventure!

Download BAM 2.0.0 Here