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How Do Escape Rooms Work

Escape Rooms have evolved into a modern-day pastime across the United States. Whether you are a tag-team couple of escape room experts who travel the United States searching to log the fastest escape times, or a group of friends just looking to have a great night out, escape rooms are your destination. But whether or not you’ve found yourself in an escape room, you’ve probably asked yourself, “How does this contraption work?”


Escape rooms as we know them now are a live-action version of video games popular in the early 2000s where players would control a digital avatar attempting to escape a virtual room. Riding on the Live Action Roleplay (LARP) phenom of the 2010s, developers in Asia and Europe began creating real life escape rooms that put people inside the puzzle.

How Escape Rooms Work

gabriel-crismariu-sOK9NjLArCw-unsplashEscape rooms today are interactive puzzles that rely on sophisticated logic and misdirection, like a magic trick. The various challenges within a room move players from one mystery to the next with various subtasks. There are generally two types of rooms: low tech rooms and high tech rooms.

Low tech rooms utilize simple, analog puzzles where one step leads to the next. These games are relatively cheap to operate, as players play a hide-and-seek type game where they decipher which clue inside the room progresses them towards the next step.

High tech rooms may contain much more complicated puzzles that immerse players inside the room environment. These high tech rooms enhance the player experience by relying on different signaling technologies such as networks, RFID and central controllers that integrate multiple signals to interpret as commands. Technology can automate and make things work like magic inside a room, while also tracking the player experience.

Whether it’s a high tech room or low tech room, escape rooms today operate on a similar framework and set of rules such as “Don’t break anything” and “Clues won’t be in electrical sockets or the ceiling.” Game masters manage the interactive experience of players while they are competing. Technology inside rooms allows gamemasters to manage, track, and adjust the game. Players form their own teams and choose which room they will be put in. Each room has a backstory or theme, such as a jailbreak or a bank heist, which is the inspiration for the players attempting to get out of the room under the time limit. Once your team is inside the room, everything around you is in play unless otherwise stated by the gamemaster, and as long as you don’t break anything. You should never have to kick down a door or break a window to escape.

The Tech in a Room

markus-spiske-iar-afB0QQw-unsplashThe technology both behind the scenes and at the forefront of a room can vastly improve the quality of the game. Escape room technology companies can increase the “wow” factor while increasing the sophistication level of the puzzle.  Room and puzzle controllers can not only add a different kind of immersive experience than non-tech rooms but offer a level of interactiveness that cannot be achieved otherwise. For players and teams, if you are looking for an escape room that is more complex, interactive, and immersive in the story, look for a company that advertises more technology-based puzzles inside of their rooms.

If you want to set the record time at an escape room, your team is going to need to come in with a strategy. The best escape room teams constantly communicate while they are inside a room and work fast to develop a framework for the clues they need to solve. Organization is also crucial, a clue your team found fifteen minutes prior could be the very one that you are looking for now, so make sure you’re organized and manage your time wisely.

Don’t Be Daunted by Escape Rooms

Visiting an escape room is an excellent activity for spending time with family and friends, and it can also be a great team building exercise for your team at work. The time crunch and collaborative requirements of an escape room often help teams build teamwork skills and familiarity with one another in ways that can pay dividends back at the office.

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