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BAC Kicks Ass with Latest 1.8 Upgrade


The Bad ASS Controller you know and love introduces a new firmware upgrade that will revolutionize your escape room business. Bad ASS Controller 1.8 takes your prop management experience to epic levels with an enhanced user interface that includes intensified game experiences and all-inclusive expandability on both the audio and non-audio enabled BAC.

Upgraded & Integrated Games

Valve Game MasterThe new Keypad game now allows you to store multiple solutions with a custom event configuration for each solution. You will also be able to monitor the game status and keypad activity. 

Updates to existing games include enhancements to the Knob Game — which now has a new name, Rotational Array, and Valve Game. Each of these games has a new look and easier learning capabilities. 


Epic Expandability

If epic expandability is on the agenda, we have doubled and tripled the allowable inputs and outputs over the original unit. BAC 1.8 puts the controls in the palm of your hand with hassel-free integration and seamless full-support of the FX60. Up to 48 inputs and outputs are available when you add two of our FX60s to the BAC. However, some customization may be required.

Updated Room Controller Overview With FX60

Other FX60 additions include:

  1. Input events  that are accessible from Events settings page
  2. Outputs can be set with Turn Output On or Turn Output Off actions 
  3. Allows naming of your inputs and outputs.  And, all of the names are carried forward throughout all the BAC screens and can be used with MQTT and M3
  4. Newly added identify button on the hardware page that flashes the status LED on the FX60 to allow the user to distinguish it and know it is working correctly

Plus a whole lot more...

These enhancements are just the tip of the iceberg with the BAC 1.8 upgrade. The entire package has been debugged and tested for an easier set-up and monitoring experience. And our incredible customer service is only an email or phone call away.  Escape Room Techs is here to answer any of your questions about this upgrade or any of our other products or services. Contact us today! 

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