Room Programming and Configuration

We love it when a room comes together.  This is where we really shine. Since our parent company, Anidea Engineering became involved in escape rooms, we’ve been working to produce a room control system that is easy to install and easy to manage.  

Escape Room Techs has partnered with Mythric Mystery Master (M3 for short) to create the first plug and play, turn-key prop and room control system.  It integrates a myriad of protocols and boasts an advanced game master system. Escape room operators can run more efficient, higher quality experiences improving their bottom line.

All of our systems include the ability to reset the entire room, monitor the prop state,and force solve the prop.  Other advanced features available are variable/random game play and adjustable difficulty. All rooms should have these basic features as they greatly increase the experience quality of the room for the customer and reduce operating cost for the operator.

Our FX450 controller the the hardware heart of the system.  It is available in standard and customizable game configurations.  It supports 8 protected inputs and 6 load driving outputs and 2 relays.  It also integrates with our LED Digit display systems and rotation hall systems.

The FX200 RFID system utilizes the FX450 above and is superior to other systems due to the network integration and learning modes.  Eliminate wiring relays together to solve a prop or clicking providing feedback to the players.

When you are building an escape room business, hire the  professionals at Escape Room Techs to get your tech done right the first time. Get in touch now.