On-Site Service

The worst scenario for escape room owners is when a room is down.  It can rapidly generate $1000s in losses, worsening the situation the longer it goes on.  Whether it be a player damaging a prop, a handyman who helped too much, or an unforeseen electronic death, we can get your room back up and running quickly.

When you have a problem and want it solved fast, we will plane, train or automobile it to get you going again.

We have an extensive network of techs across the US and may have someone in your area who can help even faster.  Write support@escaperoomtechs.com or call 561-708-0007.

If you are interested in working with Escape Room Techs in the field, please write jobs@escaperoomtechs.com.  

When you are building an escape room business, hire the  professionals at Escape Room Techs to get your tech done right the first time. Get in touch now.