Services Overview

"Escape Room Techs with it's roots in mechanical, software and electrical engineering is dedicated to the business of the 'Art of Entertainment'.  With a firm background in technical design, development and prototyping, our skilled engineers weave a tight integration between creativity and implementation.  Our services reflect our dedication to our customers, the entertainment industry and the business."

Gabriel Goldstein - President


Puzzle / Game Development

"We take your puzzle idea and bring it to life"  We love it when a puzzle comes together, this is where we really shine.  Our team of experienced puzzleteers can translate any idea no matter how complex into a working construct; the more complex the idea, the better we like it.  Escape Room Techs has the imagination and expertise to design anything you can dream up.

Our ability to work with your puzzle ideas aren't just limited by technology.  We are proficient working with metal, wood, plastics; even if the entire room is the puzzle, we can do that too.  When the complexity exceeds pencil and paper, we have you covered.

High Tech Prop Construction

If you are looking for that professional level organization to improve your escape game.. game, you've come to the right place.  If you are in the business of building rooms and props for the escape room industry, Escape Room Techs has the products and support to up your escape room game.  

We are proficient working with metal, wood, plastics, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.  When a mechanism need to move, electronics need to be lined up just right, or when the complexity exceeds what pencil and paper, we have you covered.

Control Room Deployment

We love it when a room comes together.  This is where we really shine. Since our parent company, Anidea Engineering became involved in escape rooms, we’ve been working to produce a room control system that is easy to install and easy to manage.  

Escape Room Techs has partnered with Mythric Mystery Master (M3 for short) to create the first plug and play, turn-key prop and room control system.  It integrates a myriad of protocols and boasts an advanced game master system. Escape room operators can run more efficient, higher quality experiences improving their bottom line.

Onsite Technical Services

Escape Room techs has the kind of "hands on" experience with escape room technology that is often difficult to find locally.  Our engineers and technicians are qualified to handle the full array of technologies found in an escape room environment.  From voltage to wiring issues, video, or networking, puzzle and prop installations; if it's technical we've got you covered!  Let our "Bad ASS" technical escape room experts travel to your location and we'll make sure your escape room is "Bad ASS" too.

  • Puzzle / Prop Installation
  • Multiple Vendor Integrations
  • Control Room Configurations & Setups
  • Technology Troubleshooting
  • Technical Design Consultation & Recommendations (Room, Puzzle, Wiring

Remote Services

Every knows the worst scenario for an escape room owner is when a room is down; It can quickly generate $1000s in losses.  Whether it be a player damaging a prop, a handyman who helped too much, or an unforeseen electronic death, we can get your room back up and running quickly.  Our "Bad ASS" Controllers were designed specifically to address these potential problem.  With their remote programming, monitoring and control capabilities, we can debug a problem, modify a configuration or add new features all remotely.

Remote Services package includes:

  • Troubleshooting - We will Diagnose a BAC controlled room, puzzle or prop
    • If its a software issue, we'll fix it and fix it's a hardware problem, we'll overnight you a new one so your up and running fast
  • Software Updates - As we add new features and games to our BAC, we will bring the latest and greatest right to your escape room
  • Configuration changes & modification assistance
  • BAC exchange Program - If your BAC has an issue that can't be resolved remotely, we'll send you out a new one 







When you are building an escape room business, hire the  professionals at Escape Room Techs to get your tech done right the first time. Get in touch now.